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For decades, Willow Creek has been one of the most well-known and influential non-denominational megachurches in the United States. However, like many houses of worship during the 2020 pandemic, its 7,200-seat Worship Center has switched over to become a streaming-only broadcast site, a change that will continue to be the case throughout the remainder of this year. To retain some physical sense of community, Willow Creek set up a large tent in its parking lot to host nearly 30 congregational events between August 19 and October 6.

Willow Creek turned to Milwaukee-based Clearwing Productions to supply an L-Acoustics X Series loudspeaker package for the tent.

Read More: https://www.l-acoustics.com/en/hotnews/while-willow-creek-continues-to-stream-services-beautiful-sound-flows-outdoors-with-l-acoustics-x-series/