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Awesome. Awesome is what happens.

The Milwaukee-area radio show powerhouse that is Bob & Brian broadcasted live from Clearwing Milwaukee this past Wednesday.

If you’re not from the area, you may not know that these guys have hosted their radio show for 30 years and are a staple of Wisconsinite mornings.

In addition to their regular coverage of sports, politics, and celebrity gossip, the guys interviewed some folks from Clearwing.

First up was Bryan Brunclik, GM of the Milwaukee shop, and Kurt Schnabel, Systems Design Engineer for Clearwing Systems Integration.

Bryan and Kurt kick off the interviews.


Listen to Bryan and Kurt’s interview here:

Next, Milwaukee Pro Shop Manager, Mike v, talked with the boys about his background as a foundry worker by day / drummer by night, the wonders of gaff tape, and more.

Mike v talks drumming and working.


Listen to Mike v’s interview here:

The coveted 9am slot featured the big guy, El Capitan, “Slick 1,” Clearwing President and CEO, Gregg Brunclik. This fifteen-minute chat consisted of stories from the road, a brief history of Clearwing, and favorite moments in Gregg’s career.

Gregg Brunclik
Gregg cuts up with Bob and Brian


Listen to Gregg’s interview here:

Last up was “Who’s the Stiff,” a game of trivia played by Clearwing Marketing’s Laura Eddy and Pro Shop’s Kerry Miller.

Kerry & Laura play "Who's the Stiff?"
Kerry & Laura play “Who’s the Stiff?”


Listen to the game here:

Having Bob & Brian and their crew at the shop was an incredible experience. We were thrilled to be a part of their show and hope to do it again soon!