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I am fully aware that I am not a genius. Sometimes I wish I was, but it will never happen. I will never be able to work out wireless frequency intermods in my head or have good enough ears to resolve audio delay times to 0.1 of a millisecond. Or understand how a one-degree angle change will affect the way my line array will behave. That’s why I try to spend time keeping up on software that will help me look good at what I do. Spend the time learning it as it will pay you back in full very, very quickly.

Jamie Earle is Clearwing’s Chief Audio Engineer. He started working in the shop of a PA company 10 years ago, cleaning sick off of cables and painting speakers. Since then he has toured as Band Engineer and Systems Engineer. He was brought up in a small 8000 pop coastal town in the South East of England and has spent time living and working in Prague, Czech Republic, where he met his Minnesotan future wife. They moved to the US in April 2014.

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