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Take it from us, this video shoot was a blast.

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  • Take it from us, this video shoot was a blast.

We’re known for live event production, but every now and then, we’re called on to do something a little different. While a music video isn’t necessarily out of our wheelhouse, it’s something we don’t do every day. So, it’s exciting when we get to provide support for one. Seeing as most of the stuff we work on is live, outside of an iPhone video or rare professional recording, we don’t get to play back what we’ve done.

Last month, we got a call to provide lighting, video wall, and drum riser for KONGOS’ “Take It from Me” video. A couple of our techs came along to help oversee load in and load out, and stayed onsite throughout filming to lend a hand to the band’s crew.

You can’t miss the smoke cannon featured in the video. One of our account execs, Clayton, got to experience it first-hand:

“After load in was done, KONGOS were showing off the cool smoke cannons they had built to add to their stage show.  We got to play with them and have them shot at us. The concussion they hit you with was pretty amazing. Jesse Kongos got a smoke ring to hit him in the head and it blew his hair straight back.”

The band and crew were awesome and we certainly hope to work with these guys again soon. And that smoke cannon.

Here’s the video for “Take It From Me.” We’re digging it.

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