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Odesza “A Moment Apart Tour”

Odesza is a world-renowned Seattle-based electronic music duo. Clearwing Productions provided a complete A/V package and labor for the group’s A Moment Apart US tour. Stops on their tour included the Red Rock Ampitheatre in Morrison, CO and the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. 

*** Photos by Aaron Wallace ***



24x L-Acoustics K1

32x L-Acoustics K2

16x L-Acoustics K1- SB

24x L-Acoustics KS – 28

14x L-Acoustics Kara

4x L-Acoustics SB28

6x L-Acoustics 115XT HIQ

6x L-Acoustics ARCS II

3x L-Acoustics LA-RAK LA8

1x L-Acoustics LA-RAK II

2x DiGiCo SD 10

1x DiGiCo SD9

14 Channels of Shure UHF-R

12 Channels of Shure PSM1000


167x CB8 8.33mm ROE V1 

  • 115x – 45.3′ W x 3.2′ H 
  • 28x – (4) 11.5’W x 3.2′ H 
  • 24x – (6) 6.5’W x 3.2 H 


209 ft of Tyler GT Truss

57x Hoist Points


45x Robe BMFL Spot

88x Robe Pointe

98x Philips SL Nitro 510C

26x GLP X4 Bar 20

6x GLP X4 Bar 10 

12x PixelRange PixelPar 90

2x GrandMA2

1x GrandMA2 light

9x Ultratec Radiance Hazer

6x M8 Foggers

18x Martin Sceptron 10

16x Lightwave Phenom 

8x Lightwave Prism 


1X Lighting Technician – L1

1X Lighting Technician – L2

1X Lighting Technician – L3

1X Audio Technician – A1

1X Audio Technician – A2

1X Audio Technician – A3


  • Clearwing Productions - WI

    Wisconsin 414 258 6333
    11101 W.Mitchell St.
    Milwaukee, WI 53214

  • Clearwing Productions - AZ

    Arizona 602 850 6333
    3011 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85040

  • Clearwing Productions - CO

    Colorado 303 232 3540
    610 E 55th Ave, #300
    Denver, Colorado 80216


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