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Meyer UPQ-2P

The self-powered UPQ-2P narrow coverage loudspeaker is a member of the award-winning UltraSeries family of loudspeakers. The UPQ-2P delivers exceptionally high power output and low distortion along with a focused beam width. It is perfect for small to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, theatres, and nightclubs, and works as either a stand-alone loudspeaker or as part of an array. The loudspeaker’s extensive low-frequency headroom provides a smooth sound over a wide operating frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz. With its easy-to-use and versatile QuickFly rigging options, the UPQ-2P fits smartly into touring and rental solutions or fixed applications. The UPQ-2P is characterized by its constant-Q horn with a narrow beam width (50-degree by 50-degree) that yields precise coverage and minimal interaction with walls and neighboring loudspeakers in arrays. As a result of thorough research in Meyer Sound’s anechoic chamber, the horn performs smoothly and accurately and produces a outstandingly consistent beam width in both the horizontal and vertical planes across a wide frequency range of 1 kHz to 18 kHz. Additionally, the UPQ-2P horn provides uniform attenuation for all frequencies outside the specified beam width.

  • 108 lbs (49 kg) 19" x 18.18" x 28.27"
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