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Nord Stage EX 88

The Nord Stage EX 88 uses two sounds of each section concurrently – two Organ manuals, two Synths, and two Pianos that can be combined in any split or layered configuration. It also provides an impressive effects section that will meet the demands of any gig. The Stage EX’s user interface places all vital functions on the front panel where they are easy to access, and require no more than a press of a single button. The Nord Stage EX is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on your performance and avoid struggling with technology. The patented Pitch Stick and Modulation Wheel are included for ultimate musical expression. A top-quality weighted hammer-action keyboard makes you feel that the Stage’s sound is balancing at the tip of your fingers, completely under your control. The efficient Morph Grouping technique is also included, allowing you to assign sound and effects parameters to one physical controller. The Nord Stage EX is a musical, dependable, efficient, and roadworthy companion that delivers results, and provides the means to express your passion for playing.

  • 41 lbs
  • 18.5 kg
  • 51" x 13" x 4.5"
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