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DT Videolabs PlaybackPro

PlaybackPro sets the standard for professional, high-definition, nonlinear media playback and is tailored to meet the unique demands of live-event experts. It far surpasses the limitations of legacy technologies like DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines and streamlines digital workflows.

PlaybackPro is designed to make professional media playback on a Mac quick and simple. Utilizing the best in Apple video technology, PlaybackPro has been optimized to play virtually any modern Mac file type. The intuitive interface allows the user to rapidly add media, organize and play clips, apply custom settings and save runlists for instant recall, all without altering the original files. The familiar and flexible show controls allow users to quickly gain confidence and proficiency with the nonlinear function of PlaybackPro.

Automatic output resolution and aspect ratio functions are built-in, with real-time manual adjustments available for sizing, stretching, cropping, as well as gain, saturation, black levels and volume.

And connecting a PlaybackPro system is simple too. By using modern Apple video adapters or third party converters, PlaybackPro easily connects with high-resolution monitors, video walls, video projectors and professional switchers.


Nonlinear media playback

Play virtually any modern Mac file type

Clip ordering and play-listing, printable to paper and PDF

Resolution agnostic – SD, HD, 4K and beyond. Ideal for use in ultra-widescreen applications.

Frame rate agnostic

Automatic output resolution and aspect ratio settings

Infinite image adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping

Complete adjustment controls for individual clip gain levels, black levels, saturation, gamma and volume

Looping for individual clips or entire playlist

In-point and out-point markers

Fade In and Fade Out audio and video

Time-elapsed and Time-remaining counters

Selectable slate image for quick visual clip identification

Goto 10, Goto 20 and Goto 30 buttons for cue-to-cue rehearsals


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