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Shure Mics MX393/C

There’s never been smarter boundary microphones than the Microflex models from Shure. With many models to choose from, equipped with features like programmable, silent membrane switches, logic inputs and outputs, and LED indicators, Microflex Boundary microphones are the high-quality solution for a range of applications, such as altars, boardrooms and distance learning centers. Every Microflex Boundary microphone features one of the new interchangeable condenser cartridges.

Available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the Microflex cartridges give you superior Shure quality sound options for every installation. In addition, their programmable switches offer the flexibility to be set for Push to Talk, Push to Mute or Push On/Push Off modes. Attractively designed with a low profile, professional appearance, the Microflex Boundary microphones come with an easy to use paint mask for your custom-color installations. Find out why we call the new Microflex Boundary microphones “”the smart choice”” for just about every application. Take a listen today.

The MX393C is a condenser boundary microphone with a built-in preamp, a removable 12′ (4 meter), that terminates to a balanced XLR-3M type connector cable. Logic Functions and programmable switch with LED indicator are also standard. This microphone operates on phantom power only.

Flat frequency response across the vocal range for uncolored sound
Interchangeable cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional cartridges that provide optimal choice for each application
Sleek, low-profile design for unobtrusive appearance
Balanced, transformerless output for increased immunity to noise
Cardioid pickup pattern for general sound reinforcement applications. Pickup angle (-3 dB) = 130°
Programmable membrane switch with LED indicator, Built-in preamplifier, detachable cable terminates to a male XLR connector, phantom power only

  • 4.16 oz (117.9 g)
  • 4.263" x 3" x 1.621"
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