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Canon J33AX11B

Super long and portable, the J33ax11B zoom lenses are ideal for EFP and sports applications. They feature the largest zoom ratio and the longest focal length of any portable lens in the industry and can be moved with a minimum effort during production — tear down not necessary. They achieve an incredible wide zoom range, from 11-363mm (22- 726mm with built-in 2x extender) and 15-500mm (30-1000mm with built-in 2x extender), with reduced distortion.

By employing Canon’s internal focus technology, only a small portion of the heavy front element group moves during focusing. The low power consumption focus servo was thus made possible – the power for full servo control is supplied from the camera, without the need of any additional power supplies.

Even though they have a long reach, these lenses have an exceptionally compact design and weigh only 9.9 pounds.

Color blur is diminished at the tele end, which is a very important point when using lenses for OB use. Even when using the built-in 2x extender, a sharp picture without color blur is achieved.

Lens is an IAS model, meaning it has a built-in motor for Focus Servo control. Only the attachment of the cable, from the focus demand controller to the lens drive unit, is required.

Color aberration and distortion are minimized. There is no difference in performance from infinity to MOD – which is quite a distance in field use.


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