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Grass Valley Indigo Audio-Video Mixer

The Indigo Audio-Video Mixer from Grass Valley is an advanced audio-video mixer designed for use in live-presentation environments. It offers a complete set of tools for controlling multiple analog or digital audio and video sources. Despite its robust tool set and ability to manage complex tasks, this unit has been designed to fit any skill level. Its menu-driven touch-screen interface can access powerful presets to get a new operator up and running in minutes. Presets can also be custom programmed and recalled later for even faster operation.

Numerous 2D and 3D transition effects can be selected and saved with other layout data in the unit’s storage banks. It also supports (2) high-resolution and (2) SD luminance chroma or pattern keys. By combining these features with the basic time-line sequencing in the mixer’s E-MEM preset storage banks, you can achieve a virtually limitless array of custom effects.

This unit supports (8) stereo audio input channels from digital and balanced or unbalanced analog sources. Each audio channel has a four-band parametric equalizer and may be controlled by a motor-driven fader. The mixer can also provide phantom power for up to (4) microphones. Moreover, it can operate in audio-follow-video mode and automatically fade audio up or down when its associated video source is taken to program. Delay tracking automatically delays audio to coincide with any delays in video to ensure lip synchronization.

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