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L-Acoustics ARCS

L-ACOUSTICS ARCS offer the same performance advantages as V-DOSC and dV-DOSCTM all within a smaller footprint that is appropriate for both tours and fixed installation. ARCS fulfills criteria for Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST), and thus provides exceptional clarity and supreme coherence with powerful, smooth, predictable coverage. ARCS is designed for tightly-wrapped arraying in single or double row configurations or for horizontal arraying of up to 4 enclosures. DOSC waveguide is internationally patented and devised especially for ARCS. It radiates a wavefront with a radius of curvature that matches the enclosure’s 22.5deg trapezoidal angle. When arrayed, the radiated constant curvature wavefront is continuous with an arc’s shape with horizontal directivity equal to N x 22.5deg (where N is the number of ARCS). Vertically, a cylindrical waveguide that provides an asymmetrical coverage angle of +40deg by -20deg loads the exit of the DOSC waveguide. ARCS is well-matched to the coverage and throw distance requirements for the average mid-sized venue due to its modular horizontal coverage, combined with 60deg vertical directivity. ARCS is also greatly effectual as a flown center cluster for theatrical installations due to its optimum speech reproduction and compact size. Additionally, distributed arrays can be used for stadium and Arena sound reinforcement. ARCS provide a cost-effective solution for fixed installations on a larger scale as they can be installed either single or arrayed, vertically or horizontally, and they have precise, modular 22.5deg horizontal directivity with substantial 60deg vertical coverage.

  • 125.7 lbs (57 kg) 17.3" x 25.7" x 32.3"
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