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  • GLP JDC1

    The JDC1 contains a traditional single tube element with an incredible clear, bright white output and combines that with a surrounding full face of RGB LED power, utilizing 1.320 high quality LED’s. Along with working as a powerful strobe light, both the tube and the full face sections can be run continuously for high output…

  • Elation Color Chorus

    The new COLOUR CHORUS™ series is available in 1 (0.3m), 2 (0.6m), 4 (1.2m), and 6 foot (1.8m) fixture lengths, featuring long life individual 3W (Red, Green, Blue, Amber) LEDs, 100,000 hour average LED life, individual hue, saturation, and intensity control, LED group control, variable dimming curve modes, strobe and chase effects, ArtNet™, KlingNet™ and…

  • Philips SL Nitro 510 Strobe

    The SL NITRO 510 is a cutting-edge LED based strobe luminaire that provides intense bursts of light and dynamic effects. The tightly packed array of over 1300 high power LEDs ensures maximum output and full-field, even distribution across a wide beam. Six unique zones of control allow ultimate flexibility while spectaular built in chases can…

  • American DJ M4040 40″ Mirror Ball

    ADJ is proud to offer the M4040 40-inch glass mirror ball. This huge mirror ball will offer a massive spread of light reflections over every inch of wall, ceiling, and floor. Perfect for those large events where you want everything to be covered by the classic mirror ball reflections  

  • American DJ M-2020 20″ Mirror Ball

    The M-2020 20″ Mirror Ball from American DJ is that one accessory you need to add to your light and DJ show. It is going to offer that spectacular Saturday night fever atmosphere you are looking for. This 20″ version of the Mirror Ball will give you the coverage you need on your dance floor….

  • Ultratec Radiance Hazer

    Ultratec’s Radiance Haze Machine features integrated DMX that operates the haze output and internal fan, which creates superior haze control and uniform dispersion. It also has a removable IDC power cable and multiple-use bracket. The Radiance uses Luminous 7 Haze Fluid, which is extremely economical and provides great hang time.

  • Ultratec Dry-Icer Fogger

    Ultratec’s Dry Icer is an economical solution for producing impressive low-lying fog effects. It has a 20-pount dry ice capacity, low water shut-off indicator, 4” hose adapter, and sturdy latches on the lid. To control the low-lying fog output, the stainless steel basket is lowered with the 3-step pivoting ratchet system. The basket is eased…

  • ReelEFX DF-50 Hazer

    The DF-50 Diffusion Hazer provides cost-effective non-glycol Haze without heat. The DF-50 emits haze with excellent hand-time (3 hours plus) while expending less than 2 ounces of fluid per hour, which means that it costs only about a penny per minute to operate. It does not need to be warmed up prior to use, and…

  • ProSystems 180° Swiver Co2 Jet

    The Hanson ProSystems CO2-Swing-Jet has a versatile 180-degree spray nozzle and 2 channel DMX controls. Because it is operated with DMX, the nozzle can be programmed to swing from side to side while spraying the Co2 in opposite directions. The speed of the effect can be adjusted, which allows for time sequences, including timing to…

  • LightScape Fiber Optic Curtain

    LightScape is a dazzling and versatile drapery that is bursting with brilliant pinpoints of light. It’s ideal for theaters, galas, casinos, hotel shows, theme parks, corporate events, and trade shows.

  • Le Maitre Freeze Fog G300

    Created to meet the demands of the most challenging applications, the G300 is Le Maitre’s leading smoke machine. It’s robust, multipurpose, has great output, and offers both water-based smoke and haze. The G300 is a popular choice for touring, rental, theme park, and cruise ship clients. It can be controlled through the integral power port…

  • Jem ZR24/7 Hazer

    The ZR24/7 is a professional, precise DMX haze generator that uses cutting-edge digital technology and a high-velocity radial blower. It uses state-of-the-art ECO-Mass vaporizing system design and VGA (variable geometry airflow) and is able to create tiny, highly refractive airborne particles to produce the ultimate, optically translucent backdrop of haze. Its condensed and durable design…

  • Jem Glaciator X-Stream Fogger

    The Heavy Fog Glaciator X-Stream is built for touring and installation in a multitude of functions. It is easily integrated into the most popular control systems commonly used in the entertainment industry. It offers remote control options via DMX, and features a comprehensive control panel and display of operation parameters.

  • High End Systems F-100 Fogger

    F-100 Performance Fog Generator is a professional, high performing fog machine. It can operate continuously, or it can be set to run intermittently. A 0-10 volt analog control or the optional DMX-512 remote control unit can also control pump output.

  • Film Loops Film Loops