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  • ATI Paragon II

    64 line inputs 56 mic inputs 8 mono aux-send buses 4 stereo aux-send busses 8 stereo subgroups 8 stereo matrix outs 2 main mono and main stereo mix outs Non-Powered

  • AVID S6L

    Upgraded with Waves & Optics S6L delivers unprecedented processing capabilities with over 300 processing channels and more plug-ins and Pro Tools track counts than ever before. S6L provides steadfast performance and dependability with its progressive engine design. With highly proficient touchscreen workflows and effortless scalability, it is perfectly suited to even the most demanding live productions….

  • AVID Venue Profile

    The Profile console is a compact alternate to the bigger D-Show, Avid’s original leading console. The Profile is completely compatible with FOH Rack, Stage Rack, Mix Rack, and VENUE software. Profile provides exceptional sound quality, versatility, and dependability for small- to mid-sized settings such as theaters, houses of worship, corporate events, and theaters.

  • AVID Venue SC48

    SC48 is a compact console that delivers powerful sound quality and rock-solid dependability. It integrates all I/O, digital signal processing, and tactile control into a single console, making it one of the most cost-effective and transportable Avid live systems. The SC48 offers studio-quality plug-in support, a built-in Pro Tools recording interface, and remarkable portability. It…

  • Behringer X32

    40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 32 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders, Channel LCD’s, 32-Channel Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone* Remote Control

  • Crest V12

     front-of-house console with secondary-applications—a full-facility monitor console capable of generating up to 28 monitor-mixes four-band full-parametric eq on both mono and stereo input modules—HF and LF frequency bands are switchable between bell- and shelving-curves sixteen aux mixes, with eight switchable between mono and stereo operation—aux controls include on/off and pre/post fader switching direct-output system optimized…

  • DiGiCo SD5

    The SD5 features 37 faders in three handy banks of twelve with one master fader and three 15” full-color touch screens for speedy access and multi-user applications. There are also two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDMs) as used in the SD7. The master screen is centrally positioned and integrated into the work surface meter bridge…

  • DiGiCo SD8

    Upgraded with Waves & Optics 120 Input Channels 48 Aux / Sub-Group Busses LR/LCR/LCRS Master Bus 16×16 Full Processing Matrix 2 Solo 190 Dynamic Equalizers 190 DiGiTuBes 190 Multiband Compressors 16 Digital FX 24 Graphic Equalizers Optional Waves Integration 48/96 kHz Sample Rate Optional Factory fit only Optics 157 lbs (71.3kg) 53.03″ x 31.93″ x…

  • DiGiCo SD9

    Upgraded with Waves & Optics The SD9 is an incredibly versatile, fully integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology. This compact, lightweight console was created to fit a variety of applications, so it is well-suited for both touring and fixed installation in theatres, houses of worship, schools, conference centers,…

  • DiGiCo SD10

    Upgraded with Waves & Optics The SD10 shares many features with the flagship SD7, such as Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology. It delivers a comprehensive feature set that will fulfill the needs of any front-of-house or monitor engineer. SD Ten has three banks of twelve motorized faders and one master fader, each…

  • DiGiCo SD12

    Upgraded with Waves & Optics Dual 15-inch touchscreens 24 channels in 1 view Dual operator mode 8 local mic/line inputs 8 local line outputs 8 mono AES/EBU in/out Dual MADI in/out Dual DMI card slots Optional dual Optocore loops UB MADI 24 channel USB interface 16 GPI/GPO, MIDI, Wordclock in/out

  • DiGiCo SD Rack

    With Stadius Input & Output Cards To get the most from the best in mixing console technology, you need the finest I/O rack available. So meet the DiGiCoSD Rack, delivering up to 192kHz high resolution analogue I/O converters and multiple digital formats including: MADI, AES, ADAT and Aviom. Based on nine years of digital touring…

  • Gamble EX56

    The Legendary Gamble EX56

  • Midas Heritage 3000

    The Heritage 3000 provides exceptional concert sound for Front of House and monitor applications. The versatile H3000 features a distinctive, intuitive, 3-position switching system that changes the consoles output functions according to the application. It includes a mic amplifier that further augments the XL4 design creating a CMR improvement of +30dB while maintaining the XL4’s…

  • Midas M-32

    Utilizing more than 40 years of experience constructing first-class mixing consoles, the Midas M32 digital console renews the possibilities of a medium-format mixing desk. From its sophisticated and resilient industrial design to its exceptional audio performance, every feature of the M32 console characterizes the advanced technology of Midas while upholding the feel and user-friendly setup…

  • Midas Pro1

    The PRO1 digital console features a lightweight aluminum frame and field-replaceable power supply. PRO1 is easily portable and packs a lot of power in a compact digital console. PRO1 is simple to configure and operate. Engineers who are new to MIDAS digital can take advantage of the PRO1’s sample-synchronous audio quality and mix from well…

  • Midas Pro2

    The PRO2 works in unison with any of the MIDAS digital I/O units. Each PRO2 Touring Package includes a MIDAS DL251 stage box that provides 48 MIDAS mic/line inputs and 16 analogue XLR outputs on stage, in addition to the PRO2’s 8 mic/line inputs and 16 XLR analogue outputs on the back of the console…

  • Midas XL4

    48 Mic Inputs Direct Outputs 16 Audio Sub Groups Line Inputs Equaliser Inserts Input Metering Audio Busses VCA and Mute Busses Group Aux Inputs Master Matrix Output Meters Automutes 10 Input VCA Faders Automation

  • Midas XL250

    XL250 is a dedicated monitor console that features an intuitive, quick, and responsive control surface, the layout and Operation of which can be understood straightaway. The XL250 can quickly be reconfigured for ear monitoring, wedge monitoring, or combinations of both. This is accomplished without compromising the control functions or layout by utilizing configurable busses and…

  • Soundcraft 800B

    Hot on the heels of the 400B, the 800B was launched in early 1984 to replace the aging 800. This time it was decided to split the applications and market two separate products to the recording and live industries, the 800B being the live version and the Series 1600, launched later that year, covering the…

  • Soundcraft K3

    This modular 8-bus mixer has been designed to fulfill today’s requirements for high quality mid-range sound reinforcement consoles. That means advanced mute scene setting and MIDI control, plus ‘big console’ features, such as sophisticated and precise EQ, input metering, an advanced solo system, and eight pre/post auxiliaries. k3 Theatre delivers an unprecedented degree of mixing…

  • Soundcraft Series Two

    Soundcraft’s Series TWO is a classic live console feature set augmented with groundbreaking engineering and the look a big-console at a budget-friendly price. Series TWO exemplifies the classic 8-group, 8-Aux format pioneered for live sound by Soundcraft in the 1970s that has since become the standard in mid-range console specification. Additionally, there are new features…

  • Soundcraft Series FOUR

    Series FOUR is a compact live sound mixer for Front-of-House applications. A comprehensive featureset combined with a small footprint makes it ideal for budget-conscious touring applications, where the familiar control layout found on its big brother the Series FIVE will be highly appreciated. Pre/Post switches for 10 Aux sends 4 Auxes on dual concentric with…

  • Yamaha CL5

    The CL5 is perfect for a diverse spectrum of live sound systems with its three-section fader layout for efficient hands-on control. Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles embody a new level of sophistication. They provide a pioneering experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most visionary engineer…

  • Yamaha LS9-16

    The 16-mic/line input 32 channel LS9-16 digital mixing console is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for applications that necessitate easy transportability and handling. Although it’s small and light enough for one person to easily move and set up, it still performs with powerful sonic quality. It features a broad range of gating, compression, and…

  • Yamaha LS9-32

    The LS9-32 digital mixing console features 32 input head amps that can easily handle the diverse source requirements of live audio applications. By simply adding external preamps and Mini-YGDAI interface cards, the LS9-32 can expand up to 64 channels for super challenging line-ups. Although it’s small and light enough for one person to easily move…

  • Yamaha M7CL-48

    The M7CL-48 digital mixing console features a remarkable array of innovative ideas. The “Centralogic™” control interface is as user-friendly as an analog console, and in-depth access management facilities are especially advantageous for installations. An extraordinary range of functions is integrated into a much smaller footprint than an analog console of comparable capacity would be. The…

  • Yamaha PM5D-RH

    The PM5D-RH provides exceptional sound and flexibility in a fairly compact, lightweight system. It is easy to use and delivers remarkable sound, control, and dependability without requiring additional outboard processing gear. Programming is intuitive and it has an outstanding recall capability. It delivers a system solution that can augment the total sound production process from…

  • Yamaha PM5000 – 52c

    The PM5000 is easily the most advanced analog sound reinforcement console in its class. It’s a “pure analog” console, and it borrows freely from the world of digital technology to give you unprecedented control, flexibility and efficiency. 507 lbs (230kg) 84 29/64″ x 43 13/16″ x 13 47/64″

  • Yamaha QL1

    The compact QL1 console delivers all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live sound and installation applications. It features exceptional sound reinforced by sonically superior internal processing capabilities, operation that effortlessly adjusts to the requirements of nearly any setting or application, and built-in Dante networking that facilitates flexible system configuration. The…

  • Yamaha TF1

    Yamaha digital consoles have always been designed with input from leading engineers worldwide to ensure that the most efficient, intuitive operation is achieved. The highly regarded Selected Channel and Centralogic™ interfaces attest to the success of that approach. The TF series combines Yamaha know-how with new input from the field and the latest touch-screen technology…



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