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Tectonic Demo Day – MKE
October 29, 2019
10:00am – 4:00pm

Clearwing, Milwaukee
11101 W Mitchell St
Milwaukee, WI 53214


Join us in our Milwaukee office for a Tectonic Demo Day October 29.

Tectonic will be showcasing their DML500 series speaker.

The Tectonic Audio Labs DML-500, a cutting edge solution designed to deliver sonic excellence and intelligibility.      

Distributed Mode Loudspeakers offer unique advantages over traditional loudspeakers.  DML technology utilizes diffuse energy to distribute sound evenly over a wide area with greatly reduced reflections or echoes.  As a result, acoustic treatment budgets can be reduced significantly. In addition an enhanced stereo image is perceivable in a wider listening area or “sweet spot”.

Key Features:

  • Articulate sound quality

  • Reliability

  • Competitive cost

  • Easy operation

  • High SPL before feedback

  • Unmatched coverage pattern

  • Slim form factor

  • Light weight

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Extended service length

  • Excellent product support


  • Gymnasiums

  • Gymnatoriums

  • Auditoriums

  • Theaters

  • Recording studios

  • Sports Complexes

  • Classrooms

  • Conference rooms

DML500 spec sheet




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