“Encounter the Wonder”: A Christmas Spectacular

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Williamstown, Kentucky was treated to a holiday spectacle at The Ark Encounter from December 8, 2017 to January 15, 2018. “Encounter the Wonder,” a laser projection show was cast onto the 510-foot long replica of Noah’s Ark during the Christmas season, and focused on spreading a message of hope. Clearwing Productions, along with the help of BlueMedia, were in charge of bringing the 10-minute projection show to life.

Clearwing deployed 40 L-Acoustics K2, 21 KARA, and 24 SB28, all of which were driven by 27 amplified controllers. Gear was on site for 45 days facing varied weather conditions and temperatures that dove to seven degrees with a wind chill of -2. The continuously powered system delivered great sound day in and day out despite the harsh weather conditions. Closing only for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the experience ran three times a day for 37 days for a total of 111 shows over the course of show.

Barco was utilized for visual components of the show, while the audio system was handled by L-Acoustics and Focusrite. Over 2500 feet of fiber was used for the Christmas show not including the permanent install runs, which was completed by Clearwing Systems Integration prior to the Ark opening in July 2016.

“Encounter the Wonder” took about a week to install and calibrate, and Clearwing’s Taylor Mundstock and Harrison Ruhl were on site for the run of the shows.

Complete List of Gear Used on the “Encounter the Wonder” project:

40 L-Acoustics K2
24 L-Acoustics SB28
21 L-Acoustics KARA
27 L-Acoustics LA8 Amplifiers
1 Yamaha QL1
3 Focusrite Rednet D16
1 Focusrite Rednet A16
4 Applied Towers
14 Barco 32000 lumen 4K UDX Series laser projectors
1200′ CA-COM
1000′ Socapex
1100′ NL4
2500+ ft. of fiber

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