COVID-19 Response

Updated July 14, 2020
We are chomping at the bit to collaborate with our clients again. We’ve made use of the industry downtime to fortify the backbone of our company, to delve deeper into ways we can be of service, and to align production operations across all three of our offices. What’s that going to look like to you? Your already dedicated Clearwing team is even more razor-focused on the success of our clients, their shows, and the industry as a whole.

As we pivot to meet the challenges of what comes next (and let’s face it, there are a lot unknown variables at play), we’re keen to remind our clients of the trusted and exemplary service we’ve provided for 40 years. We are agile, committed, and we’re sticking around to see your shows through.

If you’re planning an event, we can help. Give us a call and let’s create again.

Gregg Brunclik
Founder & Chairman

Clearwing Productions
Clearwing Systems Integration
Big Event Logistics