Month: April 2016

  • BY Laura Eddy IN Blog April 30, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    We’re known for live event production, but every now and then, we’re called on to do something a little different. While a music video isn’t necessarily out of our wheelhouse, it’s something we don’t do every day. So, it’s exciting when we get to provide support for one. Seeing as most of the stuff we work on…

  • BY Amber Hope IN Blog April 28, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    Richard, a retired school superintendent, was gifted an aged Lowery Heritage 400T electric organ before his recent move to Phoenix. Continuing his musicianship into his golden years, Richard was dissatisfied by the build quality of present-day electric organs. Like the old adage goes, they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. So rather than…

  • BY Jamie Earle IN Blog April 14, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    Want to actually get some sleep on tour? Want more partying time? Be friendly. It’s staggering the number of times I have seen people walk into a venue and instantly provoke others. I know that I have done it more times than I might like to think. The only thing to be gained from not…

  • BY Jamie Earle IN Blog April 14, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    Nothing looks more rock ‘n’ roll than a huge stack of speakers on either side of the stage. The question is: does it actually sound any good? Unfortunately, everything in the universe must obey the laws of physics (despite how bizarre they can become). This applies to speakers as well, which, in short, dictates that…

  • BY Jamie Earle IN Blog April 14, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    I am fully aware that I am not a genius. Sometimes I wish I was, but it will never happen. I will never be able to work out wireless frequency intermods in my head or have good enough ears to resolve audio delay times to 0.1 of a millisecond. Or understand how a one-degree angle…

  • BY Jamie Earle IN Blog April 14, 2016 COMMENTS(0)

    These days, consoles, processors, and even speakers are packed to the rafters with ways to adjust their behaviour. From gain to frequency to dynamics to time, the options are endless. Even the most basic consoles will typically have a fully parametric EQ and high and low pass filters on every input. Awesome! Right? Well, potentially…


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